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Toray’s On-Demand Printing Solution Draws Crowds

May 14, 2012
Time to Automate Savings
The Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) ASTI APC 40 from Toray’s Spanish partner Asti collects the printed sheets and while the first job is being transferred to the finishing area for cutting, the plates and substrates are changed for the next job. It  increases productivity by saving two to three minutes on every job, reduces handling damage and provides a safer working environment. It also eliminates the mundane task of moving pallets, freeing up operators to concentrate on tasks requiring their skills as printers.
As the jobs are printed with UV-curable inks rather than oil-based inks, even uncoated paper can be handled immediately eliminating waiting times. The job can be cut or bound immediately shortening delivery times to print buyers.
“In today’s world with decreasing run lengths, the low make-ready waste of waterless has a great impact on the bottom line; especially when using costly materials are often used for packaging and security products,” says Batko.
Substrate Flexibility
Using Sahara UV Cure ink from Classic Colours switching between paper and non-absorbent substrates, like different kinds of plastic or metalized materials, is easy—a critical factor for achieving maximum productivity.
“Waterless is a valuable tool for printers seeking to expand their product range and increase profit.” states Batko.
“Waterless plates produce razor sharp, brilliant images, with a wider colour spectrum than conventional printing, on nearly any kind of non-absorbent substrate, like plastics, foils, metal or even wood.”
Environmental benefit
She adds, ”No dampening water gets rid of the instability problems one has with conventional UV printing, resulting in higher quality consistency, less waste and the elimination of all fountain chemicals from the effluent. A B1 format press running web offset on three shifts consumes up to 100.000 liters of water, 10.000 liters of IPA and 3500 liters of fountain concentrate every year. Toray plates provide a totally sustainable process that has the highest quality and environmental credentials.
By combining the best technology for both printing and finishing the printers of tomorrow can achieve maximum productivity and product diversification.
Source: Toray.


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