While it focuses on the local market, part of Toppan America’s selling proposition derives from what it terms “Global Split Production.” That is the ability to call upon resources across the globe to meet customer requirements for quality, delivery and costs, according to Gavin Jordan-Smith, director of digital communications.

“If a customer is looking for 100 pieces, the job goes to one of our Xerox iGen3 digital presses. For 5,000 pieces, we’d use a 40˝ offset press. Or, if a customer is willing to wait four weeks, we can send the job to Asia and produce it for one-third the cost,” Jordan-Smith explains.

“We consider ourselves to be a global partner for global businesses,” he continues. “That means a lot to our customer base, which includes many Fortune 500 companies.”

The shop currently has four 40˝ sheetfed presses, with the flagship being a 10-color Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 perfector, according to George Luthcke, senior operations manager. The other multicolor presses are a mix of Mitsubishi and Komori machines. All are fed plates by two Screen (USA) PT-R 8000 thermal platesetters driven by Rampage RIPs.

“We have full prepress capabilities and are 99.9 percent electronic,” Luthcke notes. “We have one client that still insists on using film.”

Having the right tools is important, but “our secret weapon is our people,” Luthcke says. He characterizes himself as one of the “babies,” with a mere 10 years of service, as compared to the more than 20 years or even 30 years many of the employees have been with the company.

In a bit of a departure for a printing company, one person who plays a central role for the entire plant is the quality assurance manager, John Weston. “John is responsible for quality in every facet of our operation, right out the door in shipping,” observes the senior operations manager.

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