Top 50 GPO Suppliers List for the Third Quarter Released

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—Oct. 18, 2011—Federal government printing work awarded to private sector printers has shown no signs of increasing based on third-quarter data released by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), the federal agency through which federal government agencies are to submit their printing needs. Print volume for the third quarter of 2011 (3Q11) was $78 million, compared to $79 million for second quarter of 2011 (2Q11) and $82 million for the third quarter of 2010 (3Q10).

Total work awarded by the GPO to private sector printers in FY2010 was $358 million, and total work awarded for FY2009 was $425 million.

“Disturbingly, it appears we are on a course to end the year with less than $300 million awarded by the GPO to thousands of private sector printers who depend on federal print jobs for their livelihoods,” said Deborah Snider, senior vice president of e-LYNXX Corp. and head of its Government Print Management division. “The GPO was awarding half a billion dollars a year to the private sector in the 1990s. Some decline can be attributed to less demand because of e-communications, but the main reason for the decline is federal agencies have been allowed to setup their own print shops in defiance of Title 44 of the U.S. Code.”

Title 44 states that all federal printing, with a few exceptions, is to be channeled through the GPO. If, in practice, this were happening Snider said GPO work awarded to private sector printers would be a boon to an industry that very much needs a shot in the arm. Public Printer William Boarman has said that if the estimated $800 million in print work now being done by agencies were awarded to the private sector the federal government and taxpayers could save about $400 million and the jobs created would help with the economic recovery.

For 3Q11, the top 50 print suppliers produced GPO work valued at $49 million, compared to $57 million for 2Q11 and 48 million in 3Q10.

Of the more than 1,423 print suppliers that obtained GPO work during 3Q11, NPC Inc. of Claysburg, PA, won the most work with $5.748 million awarded to the firm. Rounding out the top five GPO job winners for the quarter were Gateway Press of Louisville, KY—$3.607 million; Monarch Litho of Montebello, CA—$3.329 million; Pearson Custom Publishing in Boston—$2.524 million; and Signature Graphics in Portland, OR—$2.331 million.

With declining GPO work, Snider said it is more important than ever for a printer to fully understand the GPO marketplace. “A printer can expect to increase its profitability from an industry average of 2 percent, before GPO work, to 14 percent or more afterwards,” she notes. “Those percentages are based on a printer working with an experienced GPO bid service firm, identifying open production capacity and offering margin pricing to fill otherwise non-productive, non-revenue generating schedule openings.”

Top 50 Contractors for the GPO – Third Quarter 2011

Company, Location Winnings
1 NPC, Inc., Claysburg, PA $5,748,230
2 Gateway Press, Louisville, KY $3,606,682
3 Monarch Litho, Inc., Montebello, CA $3,329,197
4 Pearson Custom Publishing, Boston, MA $2,524,410
5 Signature Graphics, Portland, OR $2,331,420
6 Cenveo, Stamford, CT $2,267,354
7 Sourcelink LLC, Miamisburg, OH $2,015,542
8 Gray Graphics, Capitol Heights, MD $1,909,862
9 McDonald & Eudy, Inc., Temple Hills, MD $1,651,015
10 National Envelope, Nashville, TN $1,267,113
11 P.A. Hutchison, Mayfield, PA $1,041,669
12 Compton & Sons, St. Louis, MO $1,007,893
13 Coastal Mailing, Salinas, CA $921,104
14 District Creative Printing, Upper Marlboro, MD $910,449
15 RR Donnelley, Chicago, IL $884,603
16 United Book Press, Baltimore, MD $852,805
17 Colonial Press Int’l., Miami, FL $811,965
18 Envision, Wichita, KS $795,301
19 Darby Printing Company, Atlanta, GA $762,502
20 Fry Communications, Mechanicsburg, PA $743,964
21 KD8 Enterprises, Centerville, UT $732,324
22 Balmar Printing & Graphics, Gaithersburg, MD $639,541
23 Litho Press, San Antonio, TX $638,359
24 CRT Color Printing, Santa Fe Springs, CA $632,752
25 BKR Printing, Salt Lake City, UT $571,766
26 Precision Printing, Moberly, MO $549,167
27 Premium & Specialty, Inc., Medford, NJ $517,147
28 Universal Printing Company, St Louis, MO $505,738
29 Art Litho Company, Baltimore, MD $491,816
30 Production Press, Jacksonville, IL $490,983
31 ICM Conversions, Phoenix, AZ $487,942
32 Intelligencer Printing, Lancaster, PA $482,109
33 Alphagraphics, Boston, MA $466,555
34 Banknote Corporation of America, Browns Summit, NC $454,432
35 Bosworth Printing, Stoughton, MA $451,201
36 Learfield Communications, Jefferson City, MO $450,000
37 Printing Resources, Cleveland, OH $414,690
38 West Shore Printing & Distribution, Mechanicsburg, PA $385,160
39 Corporate Media Solutions, LLC, Falls Church, VA $377,964
40 Printwell Acquisitions, Taylor, MI $375,343
41 Data Integrators, Woodbridge, VA $365,146
42 Sekan Printing, Ft. Scott, KS $358,756
43 Todd Allan Printing, Beltsville, MD $354,984
44 Goodway Graphics of VA, Springfield, VA $346,163
45 Graphic Visions & Associates, Gaithersburg, MD $346,072
46 Nocona Envelope & Tag, Nocona, TX $342,144
47 The Standard Register Company, Dayton, OH $337,475
48 Pinnacle Data Systems, Hoover, AL $322,134
49 Consolidated Graphics, Houston, TX $320,559
50 Las Vegas Color Graphics, Las Vegas, NV $311,894

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Source: e-LYNXX.

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    You are forgetting that the work produced in agencies cannot all be sent to the public
    and the government saves money by printing in-house contrary to what ohers say. The GPO
    itself is an inplant facility. New modern digital printing saves shipping, handling and is more secure
    when done in-house in government agencies. In addition it saves jobs both for the agnecies
    and the vendors who make the equipment they use. The government does pay on time and does
    not go out of business like the private sector does that sticks the press vendors, paper merhchants and graphic arts dealers with unpaid bills.