Top 50 GPO Suppliers for the Fourth Quarter of 2011 Reported by e-LYNXX

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—Feb. 13, 2012—Work from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) to private sector printers remains below past levels as indicated by the fourth quarter 2011 report of the top 50 GPO printers. The volume of work contracted to the private sector totaled $59 million for the quarter, compared to $78 million for the third quarter of 2011 and $66 million for fourth quarter of 2010.

The total value of work awarded by the GPO to private sector printers in fiscal year 2011 was $305 million, compared to $358 million in 2010, and $425 million in 2009.

“The $59 million reported for workflow from GPO to the private sector this past quarter is nearly half of the $105 million that was reported three years ago for the fourth quarter of 2008,” pointed out Deborah Snider, senior vice president of e-LYNXX Corp. and head of its Government Print Management division. “This disturbing downward trend is not only due to less work, but also due to more work being done in-house by the GPO and by individual federal agencies.

“Title 44 of the U. S. Code states that all federal printing, with a few exceptions, is to be channeled through the GPO. This raises questions as to why individual agencies are being allowed to operate their own print facilities to compete with the private sector.”

For the fourth quarter, the top 50 print suppliers to the GPO produced work valued at $38 million, compared to $49 million for the third quarter and $45 million for fourth quarter of 2010. NPC Inc. of Claysburg, PA, won the most GPO work, with $5.97 million awarded to the firm in the quarter. Rounding out the top five job winners were: Cenveo (Stamford, CT)—$3.24 million; Sourcelink (Miamisburg, OH)—$2.88 million; Monarch Litho (Montebello, CA)—$2.27 million; and Gateway Press (Louisville, KY)—$1.90 million.

Rank Company Name (Headquarters) Volume
1 NPC, Inc. (Claysburg, PA) $5,973,258
2 Cenveo (Stamford, CT) $3,244,547
3 Sourcelink (Miamisburg, OH) $2,882,287
4 Monarch Litho (Montebello, CA) $2,265,107
5 Gateway Press (Louisville, KY) $1,901,677
6 Gray Graphics Corp. (Capitol Heights, MD) $1,371,533
7 V.N. Products (Foot Hill Ranch, CA) $1,135,915
8 RR Donnelley (Chicago, IL) $1,013,122
9 McDonald & Eudy Printers (Temple Hills, MD) $950,937
10 Fry Communications (Mechanicsburg, PA) $769,246
11 Connecticut Laminating (New Haven, CT) $755,435
12 Intelligencer Printing (Lancaster, PA) $735,644
13 Superior Mailing Services (Bedford Park, IL) $671,521
14 Colonial Press Int’l. (Miami, FL) $633,969
15 District Creative Printing (Upper Marlboro, MD) $610,232
16 Consolidated Graphics (Houston, TX) $606,097
17 J R Reingold & Associates (Washington, D.C.) $577,445
18 D4 Displays Inc. (Mississauga, CN) $573,505
19 Art Litho Company (Baltimore, MD) $561,918
20 PA Hutchison (Mayfield, PA) $528,383
21 National Envelope (Uniondale, NY) $440,647
22 Data Integrators (Woodbridge, VA) $427,480
23 Signature Graphics (Portland, OR) $415,209
24 KDM Enterprises (Carpenterville, IL) $408,541
25 United Book Press (Baltimore, MD) $406,066
26 Printing Resources (Cleveland, OH) $404,459
27 Omaha Print (Omaha, NE) $381,404
28 Pinnacle Data Systems (Birmingham, AL) $368,309
29 Thunderbird Press (Titusville, FL) $354,003
30 Coverbind Corporation (Wilmington, NC) $349,676
31 West Shore Printing (Mechanicsburg, PA) $342,715
32 Electronic Data Magnetics (High Point, NC) $329,087
33 Corporate Media Solutions (Falls Church, VA) $328,356
34 Midwest Direct Marketing (Cleveland, OH) $315,539
35 Production Press, Inc. (Jacksonville, IL) $314,150
36 Todd Allan Printing (Beltsville, MD) $311,221
37 BKR Printing (Salt Lake City, UT) $306,215
38 Bosworth Printing (Stoughton, MA) $304,287
39 Gannett Direct Marketing (Louisville, KY) $303,196
40 Peake Printers (Cheverly, MD) $300,933
41 Standard Register (Dayton, OH) $300,830
42 KD8 Enterprises (Centerville, UT) $296,720
43 Clovernook School for Blind (Cincinnati, OH) $289,076
44 S & W Manufacturing (Florence, SC) $276,115
45 World Marketing (Dallas, TX) $269,898
46 Vertis Communications (Baltimore, MD) $261,977
47 Precision Printing (Moberly, MO) $253,972
48 Graphic Visions & Associates (Gaithersburg, MD) $253,457
49 Raye Limited (Calabasas Park, CA) $246,285
50 Universal Printing Company (De Soto, TX) $245,777

“Printers that fully understand the GPO marketplace and develop the GPO as a secondary market are increasing their profitability from an industry average of 2 percent before GPO work to 14 percentor more afterwards,” Snider said. “The most successful GPO printers work with a full-service government print management firm—one that assists the printer with paper work handling, specification interpretation, proposal preparation, bidding process management, support through the production process, change order negotiation, invoice preparation and collection, and cutting through the government red tape. The full-service firm also provides full representational services, accurate information, market intelligence, past price histories, and access to all available GPO jobs and programs.”

Snider also noted that with additional data the year-end top 50 GPO printers list has undergone some modification, but the top five GPO printers for 2011 remain the same—NPC, RR Donnelley (Chicago), Gateway Press, Sourcelink and Monarch Litho. A copy of the revised year-end list is posted online.

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