TMR Direct Rolls Out Mail and E-mail Match Program

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—August 09, 2011—TMR Direct, a direct mail company, has rolled out a program, called Match and Mail, that enables businesses to append e-mail addresses with mailing lists. It allows businesses to run their mailing list against a consumer opt-in list of 125 million e-mails addresses. On average, the program matches 20-25 percent of the mailing list to e-mails.

“This new program allows companies to leverage multiple marketing channels,” says Spencer Powell, New Media Manager with TMR Direct. “It gives our clients running direct mailing campaigns a low-cost digital channel to increase response rates.”

“Direct Mail is alive and well, yet people today are reading and responding to e-mails,” said Wes Powell, president and owner of TMR Direct. “Marketing means reaching your potential customers how they like to be reached; some have different ways they like to be reached.”

Another e-mail option is the Happy Birthday Campaign. It finds e-mail addresses in specific zip codes based on consumers’ birthdates. The business can then e-mail offers of special rates or products as a birthday “gift.” This program is great for restaurants and retails stores looking to bring in a new client base.

All e-mails come from a consumer opt-in list of 125 million e-mail addresses

About TMR Direct
TMR Direct is a cutting edge direct marketing and mail company. TMR is your one stop shop for direct marketing. TMR Direct started as a letter shop doing direct mail 37 years ago and have since added online marketing services. They offer a variety of services spanning from direct mail marketing, print management, creative services, offer development, e-mail marketing, Website optimization, business blogging, and social media services. As a direct marketing list broker, they can select targeted lists for your direct marketing programs, whether it be mail or e-mail.

Source: TMR Direct.