This Job Is on the Bag

Finally, an alphanumeric code was imprinted on the card that customers could provide when placing orders to receive free shipping. This helped Paxar track a response generated by a card.

[How It Was Produced]

Early Express primarily used an HP Indigo Press 1000 digital color printing system to produce the pieces. After the cards were printed, though, they were UV coated on one side using an ABDick 385 Pro sheetfed press to enhance their appearance and to provide protection from marring in the mail stream. The layout was created in QuarkXPress, then HP Indigo Yours Truly software was used to add the personalized elements. The mailing list was processed with Accuzip software.

Early Express provides variable data services, printing, mailing and delivery, as well as graphic design. It specializes in helping clients improve their direct marketing efforts.

[The Results]

More than 2,500 cards have been sent out since the marketing program was initiated in October of 2004. With a 7.34 percent response rate, Paxar Americas has received some 200 orders that it attributes to this marketing campaign.

Myron Rheaume, the company’s marketing manager, says he has been pleased with the outcome. “For every 35 cents we’ve spent, we’ve made 65 cents profit. The yield on that promotion was a 65 percent gross return,” he reports.

These results were far better than the company’s previous promotional response rate, Rheaume adds. A 7.34 percent response rate is unheard of, he says, especially since Paxar traditionally had only been able to achieve response rates of less than 2 percent.

“The combination of our offer, along with the excellent production and graphics provided by Early Express, contributed greatly to this success,” he notes. Rheaume believes that including the previous order information was likely the key to getting such a high response rate with this project.

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