Thermography & Embossing – In-house vs. Outsource

Still, before you add any embossing equipment (or thermography equipment, for that matter), consider your limitations. Certain trade printers have a tight lock in specific niches. Stephen Fossler Co., a Crystal Lake, IL, company specializing in embossed foil seals, is a good example.

“We’re using old technology,” says Bob Sandidge, corporate marketing manager. “You need the really heavy presses to smush the foils. It’s a process that’s a little bit different than the normal printing process.

“We have 20 presses running,” he adds. “If you had one press running, I don’t know how you could make it work.”

However, in some cases, you can make things work with a single machine. Docuprint Imaging did. But the shop didn’t add a thermography machine in the hopes of finding work later; the work was already there.

“That was the only reason we added it,” stresses Bob Jenkins, production manager. “It wasn’t just for something to have.”

—Jerry Janda

(Quick Printer News)

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