Heidelberg to Present a New Sheetfed Offset Press in the 70×100 cm Format #Ipex

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY—04/22/2010—Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) will be showcasing the Speedmaster CX 102 at Ipex 2010. This will mark the world premiere of a new printing press for industrial offset printing with a production speed of 16,500 sheets per hour. The new machine joins the ranks between the Speedmaster SM 102 and Speedmaster CD 102 with a maximum speed of 13,000 sph, respectively 15,000 sph, and the Speedmaster XL 105 with a maximum speed of 18,000 sph. This press puts the finishing touch to the Heidelberg 70×100 cm format and offers the perfect solution for every press speed and level of productivity. The Speedmaster CX 102 addresses both commercial and packaging printers and can be ordered as of Ipex 2010.

Consistent platform strategy and the best of two worlds
Although Heidelberg customers have long been able to equip tried-and-tested presses in the Speedmaster SM and CD 102 series with individual Speedmaster XL 105 components to boost productivity, Heidelberg has gone one step further by incorporating peak performance technology from the Speedmaster XL 105 into the design of the CX 102. In addition to familiar XL technologies such as the fully-automated Preset Plus Feeder and Delivery and dynamic sheet brake, high-performance components such as the gripper system and cylinder bearings, which were previously available exclusively for the XL platform, are now also incorporated for the first time. The construction of the printing units has also been reinforced to ensure smooth running at maximum speed and to prevent disruptive vibrations.

“With the introduction of the Speedmaster XL 105, we have successfully established a completely new performance class in the last few years. Right from the start, the Speedmaster SM 102 and CD 102 series have benefited from the achievements we made in XL development,” explains Stephan Plenz, Member of the Heidelberg Management Board and responsible for the equipment sector. “Thanks to the host of innovations and new maximum speed of 16,500 sheets per hour, the Speedmaster CX 102 is an interesting option for anyone who is impressed with the XL technology and wants to combine it with the benefits of the CD 102 platform. The Speedmaster CD 102, CX 102 and XL 105 machines are enabling us to achieve a unique level of market coverage worldwide and to offer our customers an optimum combination of price and performance.”

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