The Print Negotiator Announces Guaranteed Savings Solution

(Editor’s note: Printing Impressions/ shares press releases such as this one as a form of market intelligence regarding claims being made in the printing marketplace. It is not an endorsement or promotion of such services, since our target audience is commercial printers.)

DENVER—Sept. 23, 2011—The Print Negotiator announces a guaranteed savings approach for an array of printing services. The company provides expertise in strategic, customized print negotiations for local and nationwide companies.

The consulting firm provides magazine publishers, corporations, associations and non-profit organizations with the most cost-effective solutions for print services on their publications, catalogs, brochures and newsletters. The Print Negotiator partners with its customers to assess their current printing needs, which are then evaluated to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

The team also has extensive experience with production consulting and assists companies with streamlining the production process. With over 40 years of combined experience, co-founders Laura Fallbach and Amy Korb have created The Print Negotiator to assist companies in lowering overall operating costs.

“You have nothing to lose, we will save you money and you will continue to see savings year after year,” stated Korb.

“Our goal is to provide all businesses, regardless of the size of the company, with the most cost-effective printing services that they can obtain while never compromising quality,” added Fallbach.

The Print Negotiator promises savings without interruption to everyday business, and customers only pay for when they have realized savings, all found money. After evaluation and recommendations, it manages the printing process to ensure a seamless transition.

“Our print bill in 2011 was close to $1 million. With The Print Negotiator, we are saving almost 30 percent. That is a $300,000 savings, recurring year after year. So, we are very happy with The Print Negotiator,” said Peter Johnson, CEO of Mining Media International. “The process was very easy with The Print Negotiator; it took zero time away from my business.”

The Print Negotiator also offers a division that provides corporations, associations and non-profits with the ability to engage their customers with customized magazines. These custom publications will maximize impact with customers by communicating through relevant, content rich strategies. The company will provide cost-effective printing costs, production, distribution, editorial content, design elements and electronic options for those companies who desire to use this unique method of communication.

With long term relationships with U.S. printers and intimate knowledge of printing operations, The Print Negotiator aids companies in retaining profitable margins. With no obligation, it offers a free analysis of printing invoices and workflow processes to determine how companies will benefit from their services.

For more information about The Print Negotiator, contact Laura Fallbach or Amy Korb at (303) 662-1100 or visit

Source: Print Negotiator.