The Print Council States that Toshiba Is Misinformed and Ignorant of the Facts

“As Ben stated, paper is recoverable, recyclable and renewable but the monitors, hard drives, laptops, tablets etc. of the electronics industry are not and often fall into the category of ‘permanent garbage’. I will personally cut Toshiba some slack and assume they just didn’t get all their facts right. Now that Toshiba has the facts they can redirect their energy to a goal that is not a bogus old wives’ tale.”

About The Print Council
The Print Council is a print advocacy organization that promotes the value of print in a multi-channel world. Formed by leaders across the spectrum of the graphic arts industry, The Print Council’s goal is to influence and promote the greater use of print media through education, awareness, market development, advocacy and research. The Print Council fully funds Print in the Mix, the clearinghouse of print media effectiveness available at

Source: The Print Council.

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