The Print Coach and Ipex 2010 Join Forces to Tackle Printers’ Problems in New Audio Series

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK—March 10, 2010—How can printers win more business without slashing prices? What’s the best way to improve cashflow? How can print companies grow in a recession? These are just some of the questions ‘The Print Coach’ Nick Devine will ask a panel of experts from both inside and outside the print industry in a new series of six audio programs, called ‘Ask the Print Experts’. The first session focussing on ‘How to Grow in a Recession’ is available for download now via

Each pre-recorded session will cover a different topical subject in the run-up to the international Ipex 2010 exhibition for the next six weeks. Various panel members will spend around 15 minutes each advising how printers can increase their sales and maintain, or even grow, their profits. The panel will include successful sales, marketing and finance strategists, experts in financing business expansion, corporate law and tax, as well as specialists in mergers and acquisitions for print companies. The sessions are designed to provide listeners with practical tips helping them to stay competitive and boost their businesses.

Each programme lasts approximately 60 minutes. Listeners can access the second episode ‘Improve Sales Force Performance’ from 13:00 GMT on 16th March. They will need to pre-register for Ipex 2010 and enter their registration confirmation number on to access the remaining programmes at anytime after 13:00 GMT on the following dates:

No. 3, ‘Boost Your Cashflow’ — 23rd March

No. 4, ‘Grow Your Sales’ — 30th March

No. 5, ‘Strategic Marketing for Printers’ — 6th April

No. 6, ”Increase Your Profit Margins’ — 13th April

Comments Nick Craig Waller, Ipex 2010 Marketing Director, “Conditions in the print industry have changed considerably in response to the global recession over the last couple of years, which have proved tough for printers. With Ipex just around the corner, we want to help printers address the challenges they are facing. By teaming up with and a panel of experts, we can provide them with easy-to-implement and inspiring ideas that might make a difference to their bottom line.”

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