The “Popper” Direct Mail Solution: Structural Graphics’ Solution of the Week Video

The Nationwide Popper by Structural Graphics.

This week, Structural Graphics is featuring one of its most dynamic designs: the Popper. Nationwide Insurance is known for being “on your side” when it comes to insurance and financial planning. As such, it wanted to clearly communicate the features and benefits of its retirement plan to insurance agents. That’s why it chose the “Popper” as its direct mail solution.

The headline on the cover reads “Unlock the Potential Stability for Your Retirement Plan Clients” with a cardboard key affixed to the front. On the inside is an image of a lock with a hole for the cardboard key. When the key is inserted into the hole, the image of the lock immediately unlocks to reveal a well underneath that carries a miniature luggage lock. The mechanism used was Structural Graphics’ push-activated Popper.

Click here to view a slideshow of the Nationwide Popper.

About Structural Graphics

Structural Graphics introduced the world to dimensional print marketing in 1976 and has been leading the charge ever since. And as the world changes, our capabilities and service offerings continue to evolve.

For over three decades, we’ve helped market many of the most influential brands. And we’ve done this by delivering attention-getting solutions that stop people in their tracks.

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