The Internet Printer

WAM!NET’s Internet Gateway is a new Website that acts as a managed buffer between the Internet and the WAM!NET network, managing the entry and exit of each digital file onto the WAM!NET network.

Who’s actually using this stuff?

For starters, this trio . . .

Dome Printing
Sacramento, CA
Internet Objective: Over the past few years, Tim Poole, vice president of operations, watched and facilitated the logical transformation of Dome Printing from a conventional printing company to a technology-based, graphics communications business. Today, most of Dome’s clients are running in mission-critical mode on all print projects. This new urgency to deliver print and related services, faster and at better quality levels required Poole and his colleagues at Dome to invest in new tools that can take the company’s communication standards to new levels.

Internet Endeavor: Noosh’s Internet-based print management system has become a valuable tool for Dome Printing’s clients to leverage the Web as a means to share information with Dome.

The key benefits of Noosh for Dome Printing, Poole contends, are simple: accessibility, accountability and value for Dome’s clients. “This business is about relationships. If we can develop better relationships with our clients and add value with Noosh, that’s something on which I can’t put a price tag,” he says.

At Dome Printing, Noosh does everything from facilitating estimates, to managing deliveries and schedules, to collecting data related to the progress of a project. Obtaining the information needed to complete a job seamlessly is usually a challenge; Noosh creates a common interface that allows Dome and all of its business partners to be in the loop on each project through a common, Web-based interface.

Dome Printing also uses WAM!NET’s Internet Gateway as the primary portal for many of its clients to submit digital files. Poole anticipates that the volume of digital file transfers to Dome will double each quarter for the next year.

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