The Garvey Group Poised to Add More Multicolor Long-Run Capacit

Sturtevant, WI–Nov. 9, 2005–The Garvey Group, a network of facilities providing integrated services for the design, printing, internet applications and supply chain management of printed materials located throughout the Midwest, is announcing that its Sturtevant, WI location will soon have additional capabilities to handle long-run, high-quality, multicolor work after the installation of a new KBA Rapida 105 41-inch 10-color perfector sheetfed press with UV and hybrid ink capabilities in early 2006.

“We wanted to respond to the needs of our corporate customers who expect us to apply the latest technology available to efficiently produce their jobs resulting in lower costs through reduced material costs, faster make-readies and the quickest throughput on the market today,” says Dave Arnone, Garvey’s sales manager. “We feel that the KBA Rapida 105 ten-color roll-to-sheet perfecting press will provide that platform by giving them the highest quality and flexibility to produce unique jobs in a short turnaround time. We’ll be able to produce a straight ten-color job or a five-over-five perfecting job in one pass through the press.”

More benefits to the customer

After diligently looking at other press manufacturers, the Garvey Group chose the KBA Rapida 105 ten-color sheetfed press because it is the most efficient, automated press available. The new press will be equipped with a roll-to-sheet option that will allow Garvey to use roll paper, which is cheaper than purchasing sheeted stock and pass those savings directly to their customers. The press also is equipped with a variable cut-off option that will also present cost-savings opportunities for their customers to enjoy. The new KBA Rapida 105 will be replacing two existing Garvey Group presses — a Didde heat-set web press located at the Niles, IL facility and a Heidelberg Speedmaster 40″ six-color straight press at the Sturtevant, WI operation.

The new KBA Rapida 105 provides Garvey with additional automation to help produce client jobs in a faster, more efficient manner. The Rapida’s computer control console allows Garvey’s two-man press operation to control the entire press run from the feeder to the delivery. Color control can now be dialed in from the prepress department to efficiently set the color parameters to the client’s exact standards.

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