The Garvey Group is First U.S. Install of Screen’s Truepress Jet2500UV Ink-jet Printer

Weeks of intensive review to earn G7 Master Status

“Our company underwent several weeks of intensive review by a G7 expert consultant, who measured and tested our company’s presses and evaluated their proofing system against known G7 standards,” explains Nolte. “To maintain our G7 Master status, The Garvey Group will undergo a yearly re-qualification.”

Introduced at Drupa 2008, the Truepress Jet2500UV is a versatile grand-format inkjet printing system designed for markets that demand high-quality, high-speed printing. It is compatible with substrates and applications ranging from point-of-purchase materials to posters, banners and textiles.

“The detail of printed images is what really sets the Truepress Jet2500UV apart from other inkjet machines,” says Dennis Muraro, general manager of the Garvey Group’s commercial printing facility in Milwaukee, Wis., where the Truepress is installed. “The Truepress Jet2500UV not only has the ability to print images at a higher resolution than competing inkjet printers, but the variable dot technology helps produce superior quality when imaging fine detail or high-density areas,” Muraro adds. “If you compare images printed on the Truepress Jet2500UV with images printed on other inkjet equipment, the Screen images look superior.”

The Truepress Jet2500UV offers the perfect balance of speed, quality and productivity on diverse substrates up to 1.9″ thick and 98.4″ wide. It achieves output speeds up to 726.5 square feet per hour, making it one of the fastest high-level digital printers. The Truepress Jet2500UV combines efficient handling of rigid substrates and the flexibility of reel printing for rolled media. It affords minimal setup time, low print waste and the ability to print directly onto thick panels or flexible materials cost-effectively.

“We continue to work on profiling all of the many different substrates for use on the Truepress,” says Greg Ebert, prepress manager for the firm’s Milwaukee facility. “We’re using the ORIS Press Matcher workflow software to automatically convert digital files to our customer profiles or industry standard profiles that match our hard proofs.”??The Truepress Jet2500UV uses a grayscale head with eight levels. It comes standard with four process colors and is optionally available for printing up to seven colors, including a pre-white function. UV-curable ink makes it possible to print on a wide variety of substrates with consistent color and quality. The Truepress Jet2500UV offers high resolution up to 1,500 dpi.

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