The Form House?Tops at Tipping

Feeders laced with baling wire are not uncommon sights at The Form House. The company’s massive 300,000-square-foot facility contains more than 100 machines, many of which, at any given time, sport wire twisted for specific jobs.

Unfortunately, baling wire can’t solve every problem. Some jobs require a unique machine—something unlike anything currently available. That’s when the The Form House calls on Minong, WI-based MachTronic Products, one of the company’s biggest, and most valued, suppliers.

MachTronic builds the products that The Form House designs. While pondering new approaches, employees often get inspired, dreaming up new devices. MachTronic then brings these ideas to life, delivering the creations to the shop floor.

Since The Form House closely guards its trade secrets, Carr won’t describe the unique MachTronic bases and feeders that populate the shop. However, he is willing to divulge one morsel of information: MachTronic isn’t the kind of company which disappoints.

“If I need something, they’re the first ones I call,” Carr says.

The Form House may take pride in its unusual technology, yet the company realizes that its employees far outshine its machinery. “Creativity is a big part of what we do here,” emphasizes President John M. McGinnis, “and it’s our people who make it possible.”

Carr also applauds The Form House staff. Once, a group of efficiency experts, hoping to win The Form House over as client, took a tour of the plant. Afterwards, the experts remarked that The Form House’s workers didn’t exactly specialize in brain surgery. Carr agreed.

“I can advertise for a brain surgeon,” he told the experts. “But I can’t advertise for someone who does what we do here.”

The experts didn’t get the account—or the point. They failed to understand that The Form House’s work requires a special kind of person. Button pushers can’t do the job—only innovators can. And you can’t run a classified ad searching for an innovator.

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