The Contract Proof – 2000

Is a digital proofer on your shopping list? Which digital proofing devices will you buy this year? What will be the improved range of spot colors accurately produced by these devices? Who’s talking stochastic? Find out—today.


Happy new year. Need a new digital proofer? What an interesting time to shop for proofing expertise. (Sorry. No after-Christmas clearance on these items!)

Expanding color gamuts, open front ends, new media selections, pigment-based inks, digital halftone and ink-jet devices, multi-setting proofers, spot color surprises—it seems every flavor of digital proofer is pushing to better mimic press conditions, deliver stable, accurate color and provide commercial printers with the best tool for making the customer happy: the contract proof.

Easier said than done? Maybe not. As the long-awaited year 2000 takes form, with a competitive DRUPA 2000 pushing technologies to improve for global review in May, contract proofers, sporting better color management, expanded spot colors and flexible multisetting capabilities, are prepared to push the contract digital proof to the next level.

Kodak Polychrome Graphics reports that the Kodak Approval XP4 halftone digital color proofing system with Open Front End (OFE) will provide users with the ability to proof confidently from a wide selection of digital front ends, including Scitex Brisque, Creo Prinergy, Harlequin, Barco, Rampage and others.

In early 2000, Kodak Polychrome Graphics plans to further enhance the already powerful Approval proofing system by adding the capability to proof spot colors—including metallics. A halftone digital proof will be able to accurately portray fifth and sixth-plus colors—plus gold and silver. Additionally, new Kodak Type 2 Color Proofing Media will allow other proofing devices to produce highly accurate halftone proofs. Type 2 Media will be compatible with such devices as the Creo Spectrum, and proofsetters from Scitex and Optronics.

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