The BMW M6 Creates Its Own Direct Mail

BMW shows off the M6’s acceleration power, turning it into a printing press that makes “M prints” on paper tracks. Created by agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners and the digital printing crew at Classic Color in Chicago, the project sees the car create unique prints as it’s driven along a track at high speeds.

Ink dispensers above the M6’s tires spray out a squid-like plume onto the tires which create artful impressions on a paper track as the car accelerates. The resulting “M Prints”…are being sent to BMW M owners and prospects in a direct mail campaign.

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Source: Fast Company.

  • Tamidobbs

    Love it! Send me a press sheet! Can’t wait to share this video with my customers.

  • Pam Cefalu

    I’m in the printing business and a BMW owner, the video is awesome!!!!!

  • Jim Albany

    Love it!!!!