The 2002 Printing Impressions 400 From Behind the Scenes –Mic

Inclusion on the PI 400 creates additional benefits, as well. Although our publication is not distributed to print buyers, I’m amazed how often Printing Impressions—and especially our special December PI 400 issue—makes its way into the hands of printers’ customers and prospects, as well as to Wall Street and other types of industry analysts. Anyone who has been involved in the graphic arts for any period of time would also confirm my disbelief of just how little statistical and informative research is available about what is touted as the third largest manufacturing industry in America.

I also can’t begin to tell you how many times over the years that printing executives have called, enraged why their companies did not appear on our list, only to be told how many times we earnestly contacted them for the necessary information. And their calls are often precipitated by customers who inquire of them whether they are still solvent or are really as big of companies as they claim to be. Some calls have even come in response to competitors who used a qualifying printer’s absence from the list as a marketing advantage or, even uglier, to spread unfounded rumors.

If you’re perusing this issue and your company’s annual sales qualified your operation to make our venerable list, congratulations. If you should have made the rankings, but were never contacted by Printing Impressions, please be sure to let us know for the 2003 list. But if you elected not to participate, you missed a chance for some positive publicity and national recognition for your printing establishment.


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