The 14th Annual VUE/Point Conference Shows Positive Signs

The DVD segment is really booming, with the rapid growth in the installed base of players, he says. That’s leading to a lot of repackaging of old titles, which need to be supported with sales and collateral materials, according to the company president.

In a related move, LAgraphico is expanding its business in what Shapiro calls “production art” (or premedia ) services. He describes the department as an extension of its clients’ creative resources, which saves them money by handling the execution and iterations (alternative formats) of design concepts. “The sale starts with upper management, but we also work with the creative department,” the company exec notes.

As its name implies, Vario Solutions isn’t a printer in the traditional sense, points out Michael Capone, general manager of the Tempe, AZ-based firm. The company develops and executes transactional printing programs with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration. It was started in June of 2001 and already is doing $3 million in sales, primarily from the gaming industry, Capone says.

The core of Vario Solutions’ operational philosophy is an automated digital workflow with tight cost control, the general manager reveals. This enables cost-effective production of variable-content printing, he says.

Since its applications are data driven, the company sought to partner with the top CRM firms in the gaming market, Capone notes. “You need to be able to speak the language, so we look to hire people from the industry segments we plan to target,” he explains.

Conference sessions can be ordered online at or by calling (800) 962-5650.

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