TGI Direct Among the Top ‘Losers’ in Weight-Loss Competition

TGI Direct employees celebrate their win by posing for a photo with company president Doug Bacon.

FLINT, MI—June 10, 2011—During the spring, 18 employees at TGI Direct rallied to lose 187 pounds—averaging 10 pounds lost per employee. How did they do it? With a little help from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s “Win by Losing” weight-loss program.

“Win by Losing” is a weight-loss competition that promotes healthier lifestyles in the workplace. The program is free and incorporates a “green” initiative—all competition communications were sent to participants through weekly e-mails and updates on the official “Win by Losing” Website at

Michigan is currently ranked as the 10th most obese state in the nation. Many local businesses are addressing the issue of wellness in the workplace, and ultimately looking at ways to reduce healthcare costs associated with obesity.

“At TGI Direct, we know that weight can be an indicator of health risks, and the ‘Win by Losing’ program presented a fun and healthy challenge that helped us promote wellness among our employees,” said Doug Bacon, president of TGI Direct. “We are proud that 18 of our associates decided to participate in the program and are thrilled that some have continued with the weekly weigh-ins and have fully adopted their new, healthier lifestyle.”

TGI Direct, a marketing support services firm with offices in the Flint and Ann Arbor, MI, areas, won the weight-loss competition in the category of 11 to 29 participating employees. Employees developed a sense of camaraderie throughout the competition and continue to support each other.

Since the Blues launched the first round of competition in the fall of 2009, participants from across the state have discovered the benefits of achieving healthier lifestyles. Between four rounds of the “Win by Losing” competition, participating groups have lost 22,708 pounds—more than 11 tons.

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Source: TGI Direct.

TGI Direct employees celebrate their win by posing for a photo with company president Doug Bacon.