Texoma Print Services: Betting on Thriving Casinos

The staff at Texoma Print Services stand next to the company’s Presstek 75DI digital offset press.

It was love at first sight for Russell Marcum, director of commercial printing firm Texoma Print Services in Durant, TX. At least, that is how he felt after seeing a five-color, 29˝ Presstek 75DI digital offset press in action at the Presstek demo center. “We were familiar with the DI digital workflow, but we had no idea how far the technology had progressed since we acquired our two four-color Heidelberg Quickmaster DI (QMDI) 46 presses in 2003 and 2005,” he explains.

“In just more than three hours, we ran 11 forms of 1,000 press sheets, including imaging all plates on-press. That would have taken more than a day to produce in a conventional workflow,” Marcum adds. Some other features that influenced Marcum’s decision to purchase the press were its on-press chemistry-free imaging and the ability to go from digital file to printed sheet in six minutes.

Last June, the press was installed in Texoma’s 10,000-square-foot facility, which the company moved into earlier this year. To bolster the new capabilities, the firm purchased a new Muller Martini Presto six-pocket saddlestitcher, as well as another cutter, folder and shrink wrap machine to support its existing assortment of finishing and mailing equipment.

Less Outsourcing

Since the digital offset press was installed, the 16-employee operation has taken back about 90 percent of the work it previously had to outsource, including fast-turnaround printing and jobs requiring runs of more than 10,000 to 15,000 sheets.

“We produce a lot of booklets and technical guides. We can now run eight- and 12-page signatures, which we couldn’t do before,” says Marcum. The company still operates the QMDIs, as well as two Ryobi 2800 duplicators for single-color work such as business cards, forms and stationery.

“The Presstek 75DI has saved us the expense of a platemaker and an additional employee,” notes Robby Syler, customer service representative at Texoma. “We can be on-press and output 20 makeready sheets in 10 minutes.”

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