Lewisburg Printing Installing Sheetfed Press

LEWISBURG, TN—Lewisburg Printing, a family-owned firm specializing in commercial projects and label production, has acquired its second Mitsubishi sheetfed press in less than two years. The seven-color Diamond V3000LX with Grafix UV curing system will support the printer’s growth strategy.

Installation of the new machine began earlier this month at Lewisburg Printing’s manufacturing facility here. It will replace two 40˝ Mitsubishi presses.

“We printed many millions of impressions on those two presses,” remarked Hale Hawkins, CEO of Lewisburg Printing. “We are confident the Diamond V3000LX will generate as much production—or even more—as the two combined. All of the automated features on the press will allow us to produce faster makereadies and maintain consistent color throughout the press run.”

Hawkins’ family has owned Lewisburg Printing for four generations. The company’s focus has broadened since its founding in 1898 from the newspaper business to commercial printing and label printing. After buying Brandeau Printing in 2004, Lewisburg Printing moved that firm’s large-format equipment from Nashville to Lewisburg the following year.