Tecnau and LasermaxRoll to Present New Brand for Print Finishing Solutions

The TC 8300 will also include a new technology demonstration of on demand variable cross perforations. This innovative technology allows the cross perforation length to change page by page, on the fly, just by reading OMR/2D codes without the need to change a blade. This patent pending technology provides complete flexibility for truly dynamic application changes.

For the first time at Drupa, the LasermaxRoll Stack 2220 system includes the Cutter c22 and Stacker s20 and features dual rotary knives for variable strip cutting in line at speeds up to 140 m/min. The double strip cut is used to remove cleaning lines produced by many inkjet printers or to create documents with bleed edges. The system can operate both in line with digital printers or offline. For this offline demonstration, two print partners will provide printed rolls—HP will print rolls on the T400 Inkjet Web Press and Kodak will print rolls on its PROSPER S20.

Finally, the TecnauGroup stand will also demonstrate the Tecnau BMS 400 Book Making System. The BMS 400 is a fully automated book assembling system ideal for: cheque books, restaurant tickets, travel booklets, prescription books, and more. The BMS 400 has many options available to customize according to customer needs.

In the Ricoh stand (Hall 8a / B46), TecnauGroup will present its new ultra high-speed Roll-to-Roll system comprised of the new LasermaxRoll Unwind u20 and Rewind r20. The system will be installed in line with the InfoPrint 5000 VP operating at 220 m/min. The u20 and r20 utilize automated paper control and lightweight gearless airshafts for ease of loading and unloading rolls. In addition, the new speed-upgraded version of LasermaxRoll’s WebVision system will be in line with the InfoPrint 5000 VP. WebVision is installed directly after the digital printer to identify problems right away. WebVision is fully automated and analyzes print image quality, data integrity, and guarantees job completeness. It also connects directly to ADF systems for even greater end-to-end automation.