Technology Visions–Executive Matters

Because Dome Printing’s staff is no longer locked into some else’s standard, they are able to expand and improve their color. “We have the tools that allow us to improve on how we conduct our business. It has allowed us to deviate from how the rest of the industry perceives standards, which were based on the analog systems.”

Since the standards issue is so complex, the color management technology available to the printer has become even more valuable, he notes.

Today, Poole feels that the technology is maturing. “As the technology continues to mature this will cease to exist, but what we are seeing is that there are inconsistencies. The biggest issue for color management is the need for more consistent products,” he says, adding that he believes CreoScitex’s products are the most stable products currently available.

So what is the future of color management technology? Poole foresees technologies that offer the printer greater control. “Right now we have color repeatability, but we need consistency between the various steps from customer to finished product. As products develop and as printers begin to streamline their workflow, color management will not be as ominous.” on Thermal Plates
Operations manager Beth Hagen is finally satisfied. It’s taken awhile, but Hagen firmly believes that Presstek’s Anthem plates are the future of thermal CTP plates. “We are now imaging in the positive mode, run lengths are good and dot gain is under control.”

Although the technology is still being developed, there was never any doubt that would use thermal plates. “We realized early on that this was where the technology was going. We knew we needed to learn to work with it. We have beta tested all three of their plates. This last Anthem plate is by far the best to date,” Hagen reports.

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