Courier Corp. Ponders Closing Stoughton Plant

NORTH CHELMSFORD, MA—Book manufacturer/specialty publisher Courier Corp. is considering closing its Stoughton, MA, manufacturing plant due to the impact of technology and competitive pressures affecting one-color paperback books, which are produced there. The company expects to make a decision by the end of February.

Courier Corp. will incorporate input from the union that represents some of the facility’s employees to ensure their interests are represented.

The Stoughton plant employs 110 workers and is the smallest of the firm’s six facilities. Volume declines have been precipitated by publishing trends toward four-color work and shorter print runs. Courier has also invested heavily in digital printing technology.

“Advancing technology, increasing customization, shorter run lengths and the continuing shift to four-color have led to reduced demand for one-color work and tighter competition for the one-color work that remains,” said Courier Chairman and CEO James Conway. “We have responded by investing in Massachusetts with new HP digital printing equipment, which offers outstanding quality and improved efficiency across the board from one- to four-color.

“In the event we decide to close the Stoughton plant, we are committed to helping employees through the transition. And regardless of the outcome, Courier customers should know that their work will remain in good hands, and our commitment to outstanding service is undiminished.”

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