Tech-ni-Fold Marks Milestone Production of 60,000 Tri-Creasers with Contest

LAFAYETTE NJ—Feb. 17, 2012—Graham Harris, managing director of the creasing specialist company Tech-ni-fold Ltd., recently announced that the 60,000th Tri-Creaser passed through the company’s production facility. Says Harris, “It only seems like yesterday that my boss at my last place of employment was telling me to sell my patent and prototypes to Heidelberg for a couple of thousand pounds or whatever I could get for them. Soon the 60,000th Tri-Creaser will be installed, and I still have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.”

The Tri-Creaser is a patented rotary creasing device that helps binderies and finishing departments boost productivity by reducing the number of operations needed for creasing and folding work.

To celebrate the milestone, Technifold USA is sponsoring an essay contest, entitled “Why I Should Win the 60,000th Tri-Creaser Contest.” The winner gets two Fast Fit Tri-Creasers to fit the folding or scoring machine of their choice.

Andre Palko, president and founder of Technifold USA, has added a novel twist to the traditional essay contest format by accepting video essays. “All you have to do to win is convince us that you should get the 60,000th device. Write it on paper in 500 words or less, or send us a video. The most compelling essay will be awarded the two premium creasing devices,” Palko explains

The contest deadline is Feb. 29, 2012, and full entry details can be found on Tech-ni-fold USA’s website.

About Tech-ni-fold USA
Tech-ni-fold USA is the North American retailer for the U.K. manufacturer’s premium creasing, perforating and rotary cutting solutions. It can be found online at or contacted by phone at (973) 383-7920.

Source: Tech-ni-fold USA.

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