TC Transcontinental Sells Assets of Utah Subsidiary Rastar to Sun Litho

MONTREAL—February 11, 2014—TC Transcontinental Printing, a division of TC Transcontinental, announced that it is selling the assets of Rastar, based in Utah, a subsidiary which specializes in personalized print products. Rastar will be acquired by Digibell Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sun Litho, one of the most well-known commercial printers in Utah since 1941. New Direction Partners represented TC Transcontinental in the transaction.

“The decision to dispose of Rastar’s assets is consistent with our strategy to focus on our commercial printing operations in Canada,” said Brian Reid, president of TC Transcontinental Printing. “We are certain that Rastar’s customers will continue to be well served by the new owner and we thank them for their support over the past several years. We also thank all our employees for their dedication and support over the past several years and wish them every success in the future.”

Jeff Isbell, president and CEO of Sun Litho, also added: “Rastar is an exceptional fit with our operation. Sun Litho has been one of the premier commercial printers and packaging companies in the region while Rastar is one of the very best digital print companies in the country. This move will allow us to offer a full range of solutions to our customers.”

About TC Transcontinental Printing

As the largest printer in Canada and the third-largest in North America, TC Transcontinental Printing has an extensive state-of-the art network of printing plants. Over 5,000 employees offer innovative print solutions for retail flyers, magazines, newspapers, four-color books, and personalized and mass marketing products that meet the needs of publishers and marketing specialists.

TC Transcontinental Printing is a division of Transcontinental Inc., which has over 9,000 employees in Canada and the United States, and revenues of C$2.1 billion in 2013.

Source: TC Transcontinental Printing.

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  • Paul Gardner

    Congratulations to Sun Litho on acquiring what was once the most innovative digital printing and integrated direct marketing company in the United States.

    It will be most interesting see what you do with your prize!

    Best wishes to my friends and former colleagues – a more talented group has rarely been seen!

  • Sad

    TC Transcontinentals statement, "We also thank all our employees for their dedication and support over the past several years and wish them every success in the future" is completely un feeling and not true. They didn’t give severance packages or pay out on vacation. Most people got laid off or offered a position at 40% less than they were making. They cared so much, that the wording of the sale was "Disposal". That leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.