Taradel Mails a Million Flyers Using Every Door Direct Mail Program

RICHMOND, VA—Oct. 3, 2011—Taradel LLC, a leading provider of small business print advertisements, has produced more than one million direct mail pieces for the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program since March of this year. Both Taradel, and the USPS, are working to provide small businesses with new, cost-effective direct mail programs.

By identifying potential customers by geographic areas, neighborhoods, or specific distances from businesses, the U.S. Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail service allows small businesses to advertise to “every door” in their target markets without the need for a mailing list. Taradel has successfully leveraged this program to offer turnkey print and mail solutions for its database of more than twenty thousand small business owners.

“We just knew intuitively that this program would be successful,” said Taradel CEO Jim Fitzgerald. “The Postal Service has made it easy for small business owners to use direct mail advertising. They’ve done so by eliminating many of the steps that were previously required,” explained Fitzgerald. “By working with the U.S. Postal Service, we can bundle our print and creative services to offer an affordable, turnkey solution to the small business community.”

For as low as $0.29 per home, Taradel offers a turnkey design, print, and mail program using the new EDDM service. Small business owners can place one order, with Taradel, and the rest of the process is managed for them – all at the lowest rates in the industry.

“Our profits increased by an astonishing 28% when we mailed out our menus,” says Shelly Scavone, a small business owner. “All of our neighboring restaurants ask us where we got our menus and how we did it. We are proud to say Taradel and direct mail.”

For more information on Taradel’s products or services, or to target your local area for direct mail, please visit www.taradel.com/directmail.

Source: Taradel.

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  • George B

    It looks like the USPS is on the right track in developing programs that appeal to small business owners while adding value to marketing/printing service companies who can help expand their reach. Great stuff here.

  • Maria Jose

    Nice one.EDDM is the leading marketing service for small scale business.One of the benefit of this service is that it allows small businesses to advertise to every door in their target market without the need for a mailing list.

  • Maria Jose

    Its true that EDDM that postal services has made it easy to small scale business owner to use direct mail advertising.It really help small scale businesses to grow their business at fast rate. So, Its a best marketing solution for businessmen.