Taopix Expands U.S. Operations for American Commercial Printing Market

• Taopix Designer: Critical to success is the ability of end-users to easily create a photo book. The design module allows Print Service Providers to create a fully customized and branded customer interface which can be delivered as a download and/or on disk. The drag and drop software encourages customers to create any photo gift product from their Mac or PC anywhere in the world. The admin interface enables features to be turned on and off per application or product, allowing beginners and professionals alike to confidently produce memorable keepsakes.

• Taopix Web: This shopping module allows customers to easily choose and pay for their digital creations. Users are provided with a shopping basket solution which offers a flexible pricing engine with tax, shipping, voucher, discount, and per-page pricing options. It also allows customers to choose preferred payment methods (credit card, account, cheque, PayPal…). Once payment has been made, Taopix Web encrypts the customer file and uploads it securely to the user’s server to be delivered to the production workflow as a print-ready PDF, JPEG, or TIFF.

• Taopix Production: Taopix Production allows printers and pro labs to manage their whole photo book business within one application. Taopix will provide notification of orders and can track job progress from the initial receipt of the customer file and payment confirmation, to printing the final product. Print-ready files are sent to the output device with a fully customizable job tickets, including a barcode for tracking and managing each job. With Taopix Production, you can even track jobs that require multiple output devices and follow the complete production process.


Taopix Photobook is now available through the company’s network of worldwide distribution channels.

About Taopix
Taopix Ltd. is a privately-funded software development company established in 2007 in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The company has international offices in Singapore and the United States of America. For Taopix, the primary focus is to provide a superior photo book platform to digital printers and professional photo labs. Its mission is to provide a quality, robust product supported by the development of long term channel/end user partnerships; high growth through volume photo book sales; an outstanding commitment to post-sales support, and, of course, the desire to be the world’s number one photo book solution. A global network of 30 distributors, operating in over 50 countries, has been established to meet the demand for sales and support of the product.

Source: Taopix.