Sustainable Print Is Hot –Morgan

Buyers Are Raising the Bar. Savvy print buyers now recognize the interdependence of the production of print materials and their impact on the natural world. They are taking things to the next level by expanding purchasing and design considerations to reduce the unnecessary negative impact on the environment.

“Green issues and sustainability have been hot topics within our company for a number of years now, but recently more guidelines have been put in place regarding FSC paper usage for print projects,” contributed Melissa Weber, a senior print buyer at HSBC.

Mary Ann Fong, assistant director of Creative Services at Temple University, shared her thoughts on the subject. “When I first started talking about sustainability, very few printers were knowledgeable about certification or sustainable issues and said, ‘Gee, you’re one of the only people talking to me about this.’ Needless to say, that’s done a complete turnabout in the last year and a half. If I talk to a printer now who is vague on FSC or SFI certifications, I don’t really waste time with them because it’s obvious they are behind the curve.”

As buyers continue to develop and implement environmentally responsible buying practices, print suppliers will have to continually expand their repertoire to meet their clients’ escalating demands.

It’s Becoming Corporate Philosophy. Research analysis demonstrates that the majority of print buyers are making sustainability a cornerstone of their corporate philosophies. Kate Hawker, senior director, Planning & Information, at the Society for Neuroscience, is proud that her organization has made environmental sustainability part of its core values.

“These values were adopted formally by the volunteer leadership as part of its strategic plan,” she shared. “This has led to efforts to ‘green’ processes across the organization. We told our printers that sustainability was important to us, and we were not going to continue to use them as a vendor, unless they were able to partner with us in our sustainability efforts.”

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