Surgeons Reattach Printer’s Severed Hand

COTATI, CA—An employee of Grafix Screen Printing who lost his right hand in an accident involving a paper cutter was fortunate to have it reattached at a local hospital, according to the Press Democrat. Lon Martinsen, 51, was in stable condition Tuesday at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, according to the paper.

Shop manager Michele Holman told the Press Democrat that although early reports from Martinsen’s surgery were positive, it was too early to tell if the hand will be functional again.

Several media outlets reported that the paper cutter at Grafix Screen Printing, a Dexter Folder, did not have a protective guard. According to Bay City News, the machine was ordered shut down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) until a protective device is installed.

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  • http://lisa lisa

    How could a paper cutter be described as a “Dexter Folder”? Are you sure it wasn’t a MGD Dexter “LAWSON” cutter?

  • http://LennyWille Lenny Wille

    Been in printing my whole life. I’ve never seen a folder that could cut off a hand and I’ve never seen a cutter that didn’t require one hand on each of 2 switches to initiate the blade.

  • http://Bill Bill

    This had to have been on a press folder, a gulletine paper cutter does always require 2 hands to initiate a cut.