Supporting Customers is the Top Priority for manroland Inc. North America

WESTMONT, IL—Dec. 22, 2011—With the announcement this month of manroland AG’s decision to file for insolvency, manroland Inc. North America reiterated that it is currently operating as normal.

Vince Lapinski, CEO of manroland Inc. North America, said, “Although we are concerned regarding the current situation in Germany, we remain optimistic that changes currently underway at manroland AG will ultimately improve our company’s long-term competitiveness, operating flexibility and financial viability.”

Lapinski has spent most of his time in recent weeks reaching out and speaking with customers, and assuring them that manroland’s service operations are running.

“Our service and parts departments are operating as they normally would. Our top priority remains, to provide the service support our customers have come to rely upon and expect going forward. Conversely, manroland will also be relying on our customers for their continuous vital support,” Lapinski commented.

“Although the printing industry is undergoing dynamic and sometimes very disruptive changes, we have always believed there is a promising future ahead for manroland and print. We at manroland have stood by the printing industry in difficult times, continuing to develop technologies and services to help our customers optimize performance and compete more effectively. We are now very grateful for the show of support by many of our customers who have come forward to express their willingness to stand by us.”

manroland North America recently announced the sale of two sheetfed presses, including the first Roland HiPrint HS in North America, capable of printing at 18,000 sheets per hour. The installation of the high speed press has been completed, and it is fully operational.

In terms of the fulfillment of outstanding orders, Lapinski is resolute. “Our primary focus right now is to assure all those who have put their faith in manroland that we can fulfill all of our commitments,” he stated.

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    “Our service and parts departments are operating as they normally would…."

    Not so much. We had a part go out on our MR300. A limit switch for the plate clamp. It was in stock in the US, when we thought it was the correct part. 2 days later when it was confirmed that was the part we needed, Roland Germany filed for the insolvency, and we now had to order the part through Germany and have it take a week to get, that is unless we wanted to pay rush / overnight charges. We were told because of the filing all parts had to come out of Germany. What a crock.