UT Printer Accuses CFO of Stealing Nearly $200K

SALT LAKE CITY—Sun Lithographic and Printing has taken its former Chief Financial Officer to court over nearly $200,000 in funds it says were funneled into his personal account through a side venture, the Deseret News reported.

In the lawsuit, Sun alleges that Craig Moore misappropriated funds from his employer to Hunter Fulfillment, then to his own bank account. Bogus bookkeeping entries were allegedly made to conceal the theft. Hunter Fulfillment (HFI) was a side company created by Sun, the paper reported, and the entries were made to seem that HFI was making legitimate payments to Moore.

Moore reportedly confessed to the misappropriation during a June meeting, which ended with Moore surrendering his shares in the company in exchange for Sun waiving any claims against him. The printer claims Moore later repudiated his earlier acceptance of the agreement, and Sun is now demanding repayment of roughly $195,000. An auditing team is trying to determine the exact amount that has been misappropriated, the Deseret News reported.