Strut Your Solutions –Waldman

Once you have shot your movie, you need to edit it, add transitions, titles, perhaps music and narration. Until recently, video editing programs that did this sort of thing were pricey and hard to learn. My wife teaches presentation skills to major corporations and has always incorporated movies into her presentations. For years, I have edited her movies in Adobe Premiere because it is a complex program and, unlike me, she is not a techie.

There’s an overwhelming number of video editing programs available now, ranging in price from free (came with the camera) to up-scale programs like Adobe Premiere (about $600) and beyond. Most exciting, there are a whole bunch of editing programs for $100 that are very capable and a snap to learn. These programs are so intuitive and easy to use that my wife no longer needs me—for editing movies that is.

My favorite is Pinnacle Studio Version 8 from Pinnacle Systems, which is so intuitive that, in no time, you can produce an exciting, visual tour of your shop, complete with professional looking transitions and titles. You can easily add music and voice-over narration, as well.

Once you make your movie, you can take it on the road, or send it out as a CD (if it’s short enough) or DVD. You can also place it in another program like PowerPoint, Acrobat (yes a PDF will play movies very nicely) or a very powerful new program called Liquid Media.

This enables you to create an organized presentation, with all your copy and advantage points, complete with movies that can visually show-off the power of your presses. Actually, nix that—because if you’re only showing the power of your presses, you will not make it in tomorrow’s very different world. This is a world where a specific press is not nearly as important as promoting total customer solutions.

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