Streeter Open to Another CEO Post

APPLETON, WI—With her career at Banta Corp. ended by RR Donnelley’s acquisition, former CEO Stephanie Streeter is now focusing her attention on…the 2016 Olympics?

The former Stanford women’s basketball standout, speaking here at a CEO breakfast sponsored by an area college, said that she is a member of the evaluation committee for the 2016 summer games, according to the Oshkosh (WI) Northwestern.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will conduct site evaluation visits in Los Angeles and Chicago, according to the paper, with a final selection slated for April 14.

Streeter, who expressed a desire to run another large company, spoke of the whirlwind five-month saga that began with the August 9, 2006, bid for Banta by Bob Burton’s Cenveo and ended January 9, 2007, when Banta shareholders approved the sale to Donnelley.

“The whole situation was so intense and so short-lived,” the paper quoted Streeter as saying. “We crammed a lot into those five months. I would say we averaged 16- to 18-hour days. We remained in good spirits because of our team dynamic and taking the high road and knowing we wanted a different outcome.”

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