Straw Used in Paper for Special Editions of Margaret Atwood’s New Book

Margaret Atwood’s new book, “In Other Worlds.”

The Second Harvest Paper used in the Atwood book has half the ecological footprint of conventional paper and is the product of a unique partnership Canopy forged with paper producer Cascades Fine Paper, technical collaborators at Alberta Innovates, and leading North American printer Friesens.

“This trial has shifted Second Harvest Paper from theoretical possibility to tangible product, and made it an important business strategy for Cascades,” says Julie Loyer, Communication & Sustainable Development, Cascades Specialty Products Group. “In order to make Second Harvest Paper available commercially what we need now is government and other industry players to join us in making a reliable North American supply of straw pulp.”

Signed special edition copies of “In Other Worlds” on Second Harvest Paper are available exclusively through Canopy (for $100 in quantities of one). Main run copies of the book are available in bookstores across North America.

About Canopy

Canopy is an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s forests, species and climate. Canopy works collaboratively with 700+ of the forest industry’s biggest North American consumers to protect forests by influencing purchasing habits and developing support for large-scale conservation initiatives such as the Boreal Forest Agreement and Great Bear Rainforest Agreement. Canopy drives the development of tangible solutions, like Second Harvest Paper, that meet business needs without harming the world’s endangered forests.

Source: Canopy.