60 Replies and Counting —DeWese

MY JUNE column was about the absence of Stimulus Program money going to the graphic arts industry. We consist of about 30,000 firms, around one million workers, and we were totally overlooked by the White House and Congress.
The banks got money.

Wall Street was generously rewarded with billions.

Some insurance companies got big bucks.

The automakers got multi-billions.

But we got nothing, zilch, zip, zero. How is it that all the wrong-doers who made the mess got the money, and hard workin’ printers got bumkus or is it bupkus?

Printers are tough, smart, resourceful people. So, I decided to offer my own Mañana Man Stimulus Package. I offered the package to any company that would write and tell me why they need “Stimulating” in 100 words or less.

Usually, I get five responses when I ask people to write in. But then my mama died in 1986 and Marvelle Stump went to the Mississippi State Prison in Parchmon, so now I only get three responses.

Not this time!

So far, as of July 4, I have received 60 requests, and they’re still coming. Now I’m the one who needs a Stimulus Package to pay for more coffee, beignets (New Orleans doughnuts covered with powdered sugar), books and Web brainstorming sessions that I promised each respondent.

My June column was partially inspired by a salesman who is the owner and CEO of his company. He sells $16 million annually all by himself. When he read the column, he sent me the following e-mail:

“Just got to a softball game. I am coaching one of my hundreds of daughters. (It just seems like hundreds to him.) Just took a call while coaching first base from a big Nameless Corporation where they had me on a conference call for the entire inning, even though I told them where I was. They could care less about others.

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