Stephenson Printing First U.S. Install of Roland 700 HiPrint HS Press

The QuickStart press control accelerates the press up to production speed before engaging the feeder. This achieves near optimal inking in the printing unit from the first sheet to avoid excessive substrate waste.

A new HS feeder improves vibration resistance, air control, sheet separation and sheet transfer, along with virtually continuous pile elevation control. The delivery is equipped with the new SelectDryer IR/TL Performance, a new dryer for more efficient and rapid drying of inks and coatings.

Users of the Roland 700 HiPrint HS press also benefit from manroland’s futureproof design philosophy which enables printers to invest in the best printing technology, safe in the knowledge that as the market changes they can too, through installing upgrades and a range of retrofittable options in the future as required.

Stephenson said his company purchased its first manroland press in 1962 and since that time it has purchased about 30 others. Stephenson Printing currently operates two manroland 6-color presses and a manroland 8-color sheetfed press. With the high throughputs and fast makereadies of the Roland 700 HiPrint HS, they anticipate retiring one of these soon.

About Stephenson Printing
Stephenson Printing is one of the most versatile and capable printing companies in the in the United States, relying on commercial web, sheetfed and digital printing technologies to produce a wide variety of multi-page products including publications, catalogs, annual reports, direct mail, booklets, brochures, inserts, newsletters, calendars and flyers.

About manroland
manroland Inc. is a division of manroland AG the world’s second largest printing systems manufacturer and the world’s market leader in web off-set. Webfed and sheetfed presses provide solutions for publishing, commercial, and packaging printing.

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