Steckel Printing–Adapting and Innovating

Many analysts believe that successful businesses go through regular transformations or grow stagnant and die—a philosophy that makes sense to those comprising the array of talent at Steckel Printing.

A manufacturer of high-end, six-color commercial work, Steckel has undergone several company-wide changes over the past dozen years. “All of which have made us stronger and more responsive to our clients,” says Steckel President Faye Givler, who has been a part of the company for 22 years. “You have to step up and step forward. Hold tight to your strengths, but keep adapting.”

Company Profile
Name: Steckel Printing
Location: Lancaster, PA
Employees: 100
Annual Sales: $12 million
Key Markets: high-quality corporate identity materials, marketing communications

In late April, Steckel completed its most recent transformation by expanding into a 33,000-square-foot facility addition. The new space houses a remodeled prepress department in a clean-room environment and a larger pressroom featuring the company’s third Heidelberg press, a 40˝ six-color Speedmaster CD with in-line coating capabilities. New space is also devoted to expanded bindery facilities and additional space for storage and warehousing.

Room to Grow
“This gives us the room we need now and for future growth,” points out Pressroom Supervisor Craig Keener. “Our workflow is much more efficient because of the new staging area for incoming paper. And the new Heidelberg fits perfectly, adding flexibility.”

“Increased in-house bindery capabilities ups our value to the client,” adds Postpress Supervisor Randy Hilbert. “Bringing off-site storage inside and adding two more dock doors allows us to be more responsive.”

The addition of space, equipment and capabilities is a direct result of the success of Steckel’s earlier transformations. Prior to 1986, Steckel outsourced all of its prepress requirements, including color separations. But it quickly became evident that prepress needed to be brought in-house due to increased deadline demands.

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