Standard Printing Expands in an ‘Extra Extra Large’ Way

Standard Printing's manroland XXL press.

CANTON, OH—03/09/10—Standard Printing Co., a major supplier in the national large-format printing field, has expanded its services with the addition of a new 73-inch manroland XXL six-color printing press.

“This investment was made possible by our customers and our employees,” said Terry Nolan, Standard Printing’s President and owner for the last 29 years. “Our success was led by the efforts of Rob Horgan, VP of Packaging Sales, and our extremely dedicated and talented customer service staff.”

The Standard Printing team visited many large-format printing plants in the U.S. and Canada, as well as the manroland facilities in Germany. “We were impressed on our tours of the manroland plants in Germany. The reliability of the latest technology was demonstrated and explained very clearly. The results were in the printing, the press’ ability to hold color across the sheet, start to finish and run to run,” added Nolan.

“manroland’s packaging printing expertise developed around the world allows Standard to tap into a strong base of technical and applications knowledge. This gets the job done right the first time, and keeps Standard on the cutting edge of technology which should benefit all of its’ clients,” said Vince Lapinski, CEO, manroland Inc.

The largest in the manroland sheet-fed line, this 73-inch press was installed this winter and is now in full production. Its format is geared toward printing packaging top sheets, litho label box wraps, displays, in-store signage, oversized commercial printed materials and combination runs of smaller projects. All of this is done while achieving the same quality levels of any 40-inch press.

Rob Horgan sees new opportunities with this addition. “We see the packaging printing segment continuing to grow as we expand into its point-of-purchase display niche and reach out to a larger roster of potential clients with added sales staff outside of our Ohio home.”

Standard Printing now houses 43 offset printing units as well as two digital presses. In addition to its long tradition in package printing, Standard also excels in printing for the educational book and related materials market, as well as for general commercial clients.

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