Standard Group Hosts Sold-Out IDEAlliance G7 Expert/Professional Training Seminar in PA

Sold-out IDEAlliance G7 Expert/Professional Training Seminar.

LANCASTER, PA—August 20, 2014—Recently, The Standard Group was the host training site for a sold-out IDEAlliance G7 Expert/Professional Training Seminar at its Print and Technology Center in Lititz, PA. Commercial printers from around North America attended this training to learn what is rapidly becoming the leading standard for pressroom calibration and control. The training combined classroom lectures by Don Hutcheson, G7 Inventor and Instructor, and live demonstrations by The Standard Group Print Production Team and covered proofing and press calibration and ICC profiling.

During the training, Don Hutcheson and The Standard Group Team led an examination of a proposed new color space which increases the color gamut of four-color offset through richer CMYK inks and/or higher ink densities. While maintaining G7 compliance, the expanded color space increases the appeal of offset to print buyers who want the enhanced color impact offered by newer technologies like ink jet and digital with the image fidelity, affordability and run lengths only offset can offer.

Don Hutcheson commented, “In hosting the June G7 Expert training, The Standard Group generously shared their expertise in extended gamut CMYK offset printing. This showed courage, far-sightedness, and a level of altruism that is all too rare in the industry.”

David Steinhardt, president and CEO of IDEAlliance also noted, “The work of The Standard Group will help advance the printing industry in general, lifting the offset boat and making offset printing more competitive. We applaud their leadership in this important IDEAlliance initiative.”

Scott Vaughn, CEO of The Standard Group, also commented: “This is very exciting news for the industry. We are honored to have collaborated with Don Hutcheson. He is a legend in the color and print Industry. We believe expanded gamut will be the new future standard for commercial offset printing and we are proud to have contributed to its development.”

About IDEAlliance
IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a not-for-profit membership organization that has been a leader in information technology and publishing since 1966. IDEAlliance advances core technology to develop standards and best practices to enhance efficiency and speed information across the end-to-end digital media supply chain—creation, production, management, and delivery of knowledge-based multimedia content—digitally and in print.

About The Standard Group
Founded in 1895, The Standard Group is a print and marketing logistics leader located in central Pennsylvania. The company strives to simplify the art of communication for its customers by understanding their business and needs and helping them deliver their message to the marketplace via the best channel, whether through total print, digital media, personalized marketing, promotions, or mailing and fulfillment services. The company has a rich tradition of excellence and an unwavering commitment to customer service. The Standard Group’s experience with variable data, web-to-print, 1:1 marketing technologies and marketing automation serves a unique and varied client base ranging from small non-profit organizations to large Fortune 500 companies.

Source: The Standard Group.

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