St Ives Closing Case-Hoyt Plant

ROCHESTER, NY—A popular fixture in upstate New York printing is saying goodbye this spring after 84 years in business.

About three years after it was acquired by St Ives, the Case-Hoyt commercial printing operation here is closing its doors, costing 290 people their jobs. St Ives gave notice under the federal WARN Act that the plant will shutter its doors in early April.

Case-Hoyt, which had withstood numerous operational challenges in the past, merged with Avanti in 1993. But the sheetfed and web printing producer—which also offered digital prepress, personalization, mailing and demographic distribution—could not hammer out an agreement in establishing a cost structure with its work force.

“The pricing currently available in these markets is no longer sufficient to provide an economic return on its cost base,” St Ives said in a release.

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  • http://GaryKnapp Gary Knapp

    I never thought I would see a company of its nature and standings within the graphic/offset business close its doors. But I realize that businesses change just as times do. My reason for placing a comment is personal: It was back in 1987, I was a product of downsizing and found myself unemployed after 17 years. I had finally retired last February (2010) and was told at the time of departure from Case Hoyt I would have a benefits due me and the amount, this was also, confirmed by Social Security. During the past year I have been trying to locate information as to where I can collect money due me. I have written to many locations with no response – that includes Case Hoyt Rochester, CaseHoyt/St Ives, Social Security, Rochester Better Business Bureau, and the Office of the Att. General of NY – I was also surprised that past employees were no notified as to this problem after their closing.

    If anyone has information on this subject any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thank you:

  • ed4672

    How sad it is to see that Case-Hoyt has closed. Working there for 28 years, I have many wonderful memories of my employment in the pre-press area at 800 St Paul Street. Starting as a general worker in the Plate Department and leaving as a Journeyman offset stripper in 1989. It was difficult for me to leave Case-Hoyt, but the writing was on the wall for Case-Hoyt’s demise years before I left. Many of my close friends stayed on only to lost thier jobs due to many factors that they had no controll of. I was fortunate to recgonize the signs or the failure of Case-Hoyt early on and decided to head South to continue my Printing career. Having retired from the Printing Industry in 2002 in Virginia, I still consider Case-Hoyt a great printing company that employed the best pre-press people in all of Rochester, N.Y. Cheers to all of my former co-workers in Case-Hoyt’s Pre-Press area that at last you can say "I survived the Case-Hoyt experience" and lived to tell any one who cares to listen.

  • Virgil

    My grandpa Joseph Virgil worked for case- Hoyt in 1955 to 1988. We have the original sign that case-Hoyt hung from outside their building on St. Paul. My grandpa worked on all the machinery. He was on 24 hour call just in case one of their machines break down.