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How to improve the G4? Offer, as its companion, a 22˝ flat-panel color monitor dubbed the Apple Cinema Display, with a 1,600×1,024 pixel display. The monitor, which shared the stage with Jobs for the G4 launch, provides high contrast with zero flicker.

Internet Awareness
Unquestionably, the true star at Seybold San Francisco was the Internet. For starters, Noosh, a Web-based business-to-business communication service founded last year, announced it has formed a strategic working relationship with Adobe to improve the print-job process. Noosh has fully integrated Adobe’s PDF technology for streamlining the prepress, printing and publishing process., an Internet-based communication service for the printing industry. was also launched at Seybold. provides a centralized, collaborative environment where corporate buyers, printers and creative agencies all work together to efficiently manage complex corporate printing. By utilizing Noosh Live Jobs technology, print buyers, printers and creative agencies have the opportunity to create and manage print jobs on the Noosh system.

Others on-line at Seybold San Francisco included Impresse and Collabria. is a new business-to-business e-commerce portal that is targeting the print purchasing and print production processes for commercial printers and corporate print buyers. Commercial printers can turn to the Impresse Internet print procurement service for managing projects through production, maintaining contract relationships with customers and scoring new print orders.

As for Collabria, PrintCommerce is an Internet service available on a subscription basis. PrintCommerce streamlines operational processes so that the true cost of print production can be reduced—this way print buyer benefits are delivered through real and sustainable printer and print reseller savings, rather than forcing them to shave more points off their margin.

And then there is, a Web-based print buying service that enables visitors to its site to submit print jobs, allowing commercial printers to place subsequent bids for the work. At Seybold,’s subsidiary introduced—an Internet-based auction site for commercial printing paper stocks. follows the open model of, only it deals with the buying and selling of paper stocks, as opposed to print jobs.

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