Sprint Chooses Print to Promote New Technologies: Structural Graphics’ Solution of the Week Video

This week, Structural Graphics is featuring a dimensional print campaign it produced for Sprint to help promote two new technology solutions to their prospective customers and partners.


Sprint wanted to promote these two solutions—mobile learning and advanced wireless technology—in a creative and engaging way.

To target professionals in education, Structural Graphics created a customized paper carousel to reveal Sprint’s “360-degree look at mobile learning.” The carousel unfolds to reveal intricate 3-D details that target and represent groups Sprint wanted to reach.


Click below to watch a short YouTube video of the Sprint dimensional mailer:

About Structural Graphics
Structural Graphics introduced the world to dimensional print marketing in 1976 and has been leading the charge ever since. And as the world changes, our capabilities and service offerings continue to evolve.

For over three decades, we’ve helped market many of the most influential brands. And we’ve done this by delivering attention-getting solutions that stop people in their tracks.

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