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Springtime Questions Abound

April 2003

While people mostly only want to see the baby, I was willing to learn about the labor pains. That's far more interesting than reading bland forward-looking statements.

And then, Burton was gone.

Burton abruptly exited Moore Corp., where he was quickly replaced by Mark Angelson. It was rumored that Burton would resurface with Quebecor World. Alas, it was not to be.

I felt like Captain Ahab. The big one had eluded me. No colorful stories about cracking skulls from the former college football player (on the field or in the conference room). No secrets behind his success in tripling Moore's stock value in two years. No chance to learn whether the tales were true or only part of his lore.

One thing's for sure—he'll be back.

BEING SUZANNE WHANG: The aforementioned hosts the cable television show "House Hunters" on the Home & Garden Television (HGTV) channel. It is an entertaining and interesting journey in the quest to find, and successfully bid on, a new home.

Whang introduces viewers to an individual or couple, and gives a quick synopsis on the hows and whys behind their entering the housing market. Most half-hour episodes see a couple tour two houses that are inadequate for various reasons, before finding a third property that is "the home of their dreams."

If only real-life housing quests could be solved in 22 minutes.

My wife Cheryl and I put our house on the market November 1, 2001. A clear-cut omen came earlier in the day when a woman ran a red light and wrecked our car.

Through all of 2002, our house was the one prospective buyers found inadequate. It was infuriating to see equal and lesser dwellings come on the market and get snapped up in record time. We were really starting to get a Ziggy complex about the situation.

Fifteen months and two withdrawn bids later, we had our buyer. And like a scene straight out of "House Hunters," we had found a perfect abode to call our own only two days earlier. It was roughly the 36th home we had toured.

As the sports adage goes, I'd rather be lucky than good.

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