Spiel Associates’ Open House to Showcase New Bindery Equipment

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY—Oct. 24, 2012—Following its successful showing at the GRAPH EXPO 2012 in Chicago earlier this month, Spiel Associates has decided to hold an open house on Nov. 6-7, 2012, in its facility located on 45-01 Northern Boulevard in Long Island City, NY. Those who could not make the trip to Chicago will get a second chance to see Spiel’s line of impressive new bindery equipment.

The company has spared no expense for this event and plans on showcasing some of its most innovative pieces of bindery machinery, including the Sterling Digipunch, which is equipped with a touchscreen and is able to punch up to 60,000 sheets per hour. Other pieces to be shown include the Sterling Coilmaster Jr, which can bind books up to 600 bph and also the Rilecart WB-360, which is an economical wire binder that can bind up to an efficient 800 bph.

As part of their promotional campaign, Spiel will also be releasing exclusive Web content on Youtube. Its teaser video—“A Sterling Show”—will give viewers a glimpse of what visitors could see at the open house.

Source: Spiel.

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