Tackling a sizzling-hot topic in the printing industry, the 2005 PIA/GATF Variable Data and Personalization Conference scheduled for November 6-8 at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix is designed to offer attendees the critical information needed for personalized digital printing success.

In the following special section you will find articles pertaining to the main topic of this upcoming PIA/GATF event. Included are a look at several digital printers who have successfully implemented variable data printing (VDP); how a leading direct marketing agency relies on VDP to boost response rates; compensation plans for digital salespeople; results from a recent study concerning postal damage to digitally printed pieces; and a preview of the much anticipated Marketing 4 Digital (M4D) reports conducted by Frank Romano.

More than just a passing fad, variable data printing and personalization is becoming mainstream, and is credited with marketing success stories involving just about every industry that embraces it. Now in its fourth year, the PIA/GATF Variable Data and Personalization Conference aims to raise printers’ 1-to1 capabilities to another level. This program is designed to capture the essence of the VDP market and deliver reliable and useful information that can be taken back—and implemented—at the shop level.

Some of the conference topics to be covered include database management, Web-to-print, finding partners, pricing, selling and marketing for digital, as well as VDP business models and workflows.

Senior executives, sales/marketing managers, and production managers from print providers, ad agencies and VDP software and equipment manufacturers are encouraged to attend. PIA/GATF expects more than 300 attendees at this year’s event. Those interested can call (800) 910-4283, ext. 712 or visit www.gain.net/conference (Keyword Search: 305) for more information.

VDP Conference Sponsors:

Adobe Systems (www.adobe.com)

Canon U.S.A. (http://usa.canon.com)

Cohesion Inc. (www.cohesion.com)

Creo Inc. (www.creopod.com)

Diron GmbH & Co. (www.diron.de)

EFI (www.efi.com)

Exstream Software (www.exstream.com)

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