Southern California-Based Robinson Printing Celebrates 90 years and Five Generations

Pictured here are the three generations that are currently operating Robinson Printing. In the back Row (from left to right) are Tyler Robinson; and Steve Robinson, vice president. In the front row (from left to right) are Aaron Robinson; Mike Robinson, CFO; and Dave Robinson, president.

TEMECULA, CA—September 2, 2014—The longtime Southern California printing manufacturer, Robinson Printing, is celebrating 90-years in business. The family-owned, family-run business, since 1924, has outlasted the Great Depression, a World War and war rationing, several earthquakes and four relocations. One of the original presses, purchased second-hand by Joseph Robinson in 1924, still sits in the front office. Now run by the third, fourth and fifth generations, Robinson Printing is one of Southern California’s oldest businesses.

“Robinson Printing’s values and strong work ethic has set us apart from the competition,” stated Dave Robinson, a fourth generation owner. “Since my Great, Grandfather Joseph opened his stationery and printing shop in downtown Long Beach, we have strived to find our niche in order to keep us competitive and relevant. For more than 30-years that specialty has been medical instruction printing. While we also produce full-color commercial work, our main focus is this high-quality, incredibly accurate printing that accompanies medical devices, pharmaceuticals and other complicated products.” Dave’s brother Steve added, “Without our tight-knit family of highly skilled and caring employees we would not be where we are today.”

During Robinson Printing’s long history (48 years in Long Beach, 20 years in North Orange County and 21 in Temecula), the Robinsons have served their communities through their local churches. “Our faith in Jesus Christ is foremost in all the choices we make both personally and professionally,” shared third generation owner Mike Robinson, “we endeavor to love our neighbors and to trust and love God in practical and significant ways.”

On one fateful night in 1969, Mike’s Dad, Norman, and Grandfather, Joseph, passed away within hours of each other. Mike credits his faith for helping him to persevere, as he became a business owner at just 26-years-old.

Throughout the years, Robinson Printing has endeavored to grow with their customers and stay relevant through improved technology, quality accountability and environmentally responsible programs. One example of this is the development of adhesive Instructions-for-Use (IFUs). IFUs are the Medical Device Industry’s multi-language product instructions.

“When a customer approached us to develop a way to provide an adhesive backer to their thick, map-fold IFUs, we devised and customized machinery that uniquely would meet this need,” explained Mike Robinson. “Today, Robinson Printing’s In-Sheet is a one-of-a-kind adhesive IFU used frequently by our customer base throughout the Medical Device industry.”

Continuing the family tradition to the fifth generation are Tyler and Aaron Robinson. “We appreciate the uniqueness that comes with being a fifth generation business owner,” stated Tyler Robinson, “It’s our desire to see the company continue to grow, meet our customer’s needs and to provide employment for others in our community.”

About Robinson Printing
As a certified supplier to the medical industry for 30 years, Robinson Printing is also certified to the ISO9001:2008 standard for quality and compliant with cGMP standards. Its extensive inventory of lightweight papers allows for quick turnarounds on order processing. Robinson Printing maintains complete control of the product in its specially equipped, quality managed facility—from prepress to printing to folding to inspections to delivery. The company is located in Southern California, proudly serves manufacturers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Europe.

Source: Robinson Printing.