SouthData Sees Installation of a Screen Truepress Jet520 Inkjet Press as Turning Point

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL—Nov. 30, 2012—John Springthorpe III, president of billing and communications product manufacturer SouthData Inc., can look back on his company’s history and see definite turning points.

“There are times when a particular opportunity exists that marks the beginning of a completely new stage,” Springthorpe observed. “One such occasion occurred seven years ago, when we moved into our current headquarters facility, which is six times the size of our previous location.”

The recent implementation of an automated digital printing-finishing-inserting line with the Screen Truepress Jet520 inkjet web press at its core was another defining moment for SouthData.

“This combination of technologies will change our company again,” Springthorpe stated. “It opens up new avenues by allowing us to be more cost-competitive in high-volume printing markets.”

SouthData, a national outsourced services firm founded in 1985, acts as a clearinghouse for small- to medium-sized utilities, municipalities and county governments, health care providers and homeowner/condo associations. With headquarters in Mount Airy, NC, and 114 employees across five states, the company handles its clients’ document-based billing and imaging needs. It offers a comprehensive menu of design, data conversion, printing, stuffing and mailing services. Its print products range from payment coupon books and billing statements to tax assessment notices and newsletters.

SouthData uses the Truepress Jet520 to print color billing statements, along with letters and other personalized communications that accompany billing statements. The press is configured with two print engines for duplex printing at the full 20.4˝ paper width. It can print at up to 420 feet per minute at high quality, in color and with all the advantages of variable printing.

“Billing statements represent a big portion of our product line,” Springthorpe said. “We have focused on increasing the volumes of those products. The Truepress Jet520 allows us to be more efficient and respond to the needs of clients in a time frame that they insist upon.”

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